Dear Fellow White People, It’s time to STFU.

Hi! It’s your fellow white friend here. Minneapolis is burning. It is all across our social media feeds. There is an ongoing debate raging among the white community asking “Is violent protest ever morally permissible?” Let me tell you my opinion. 

It’s time for us to SHUT THE FUCK UP. 

I say this after having replied to a friend’s Facebook post about the rioting. I said my conciliatory piece, planted my flag on a mountain of virtue and dusted off my hands. There. All is better with the world because I expressed a socially acceptable opinion about whether it is justifiable to burn buildings in response to black people being brutally and systematically killed by their local police officers. 


We need to STFU. 

Enough with the philosophical debates about the social contract and capitalism. Enough with wringing our hands over the destruction of property. News flash, it seems we can all agree it is wrong to destroy property but, as a society, we can only pay lip service to the idea that we should not murder black people. 

Sure, we can say that what happened to George Floyd was barbaric but can we act on it? Can we stop it?

Can we dig out the rotten, malignancy of racism that is buried in our hearts and in the heart of this country by sharing our opinions on the ethicacy of rioting on Facebook? 


White voices are not what needs to be heard right now. It is pretty ironic that I say this as I am a white voice but c’mon let’s be serious – would you really listen to a black person who told you to shut the fuck up?

This is the last I plan to write about the riots. I do intend to do better at listening and doing something about it though. 

I asked a fellow writer and one of my few black friends to look over this article before publishing it. She agreed with the above but also said I was missing an important piece. She said  “…please don’t STFU about the injustice you see. Call it out. Scream it out! And encourage White America to stand and fight with us…” 

If I am going to speak, I need to say something meaningful. I need to talk about what happened to George Floyd. I need to act! You do too. Because another black person was murdered and we white people are too busy dissecting the ethics of black responses to STFU and do something about it.

Dear Fellow White People, It’s time to STFU.

2 thoughts on “Dear Fellow White People, It’s time to STFU.

  1. Thank you so much. I had this very conversation Bc someone thisight it necessary to post a photo of MLK protest photo and riot photo from Minnesota. I tried my best to enlighten them but the drivel Response was Too much to bare. Thank you my sister from another mister. Much love

    1. Yes! On MLK day this year, a black friend of mine shared a post on FB about how white people tend to reference MLK quotes concentrating on love and peace while POC have posts about injustice and fighting for change. We need to wake up! I am sorry you have had the burden of needing to explain these nuances. It must be exhausting! I think most white people like myself need to take on the harsh truth that they are recovering racists. We can get better but we need to educate ourselves and act. Shame on us for taking so long to do it. Thank you for reading!!

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